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Why join the French Neuroscience Society?

The French Neuroscience Society is one of the largest in Europe. By becoming a member, you benefit not only from the Society, but also from IBRO and FENS.

The Society is also affiliated with the European Brain Council and the Collège des Sociétés Savantes Académiques de France, or COSSAF. It thus works to make visible and defend research on the central nervous system and related diseases at the European and French levels.

In addition to the activities for its members, it organises the Brain Awareness Week in France, thanks to its network and partners, to raise awareness and inform the general public.

Active for more than 30 years, the Society has become a reference for national scientific coordination and a source for the press.

The more numerous we are, the more visible and heard we will be.

So don’t wait, join the community, become a member!

10 good reasons to join the Society

  • Join a network of over 2,000 neuroscientists
  • Register at reduced rates at scientific meetings organized by the French Neuroscience Society
  • Opportunity to apply for a travel grant for students and young researchers
  • Free registration to webinars organized by the Young Researchers office
  • Being a member of FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies)
  • Being a member of IBRO (International Brain Research Organization)
  • Register at reduced rates at meetings organized by FENS (FENS Forum, FRM & The Brain Conferences)
  • Possibility to apply for one of the ISM abstract slots for the SfN meeting without being an SfN member & at a reduced price (limited number ; FENS call for application)
  • Free access to the European Journal of Neuroscience (EJN) & attractive discount rates to several leading neuroscience journals
  • Access to Neuronline, the SfN online platform.

How to become a member

Don’t forget to prepare:

  • Students: an attestation from the Laboratory Director (download the template to be completed and attached as a PDF file).
  • Post-doctoral fellows: an attestation from the Laboratory Director (download the template, to be completed and attached as a PDF file).
  • Your bank card if you wish to pay at the end of registration.
  • Your bank statement if you wish to pay by direct debit.


Annual membership fees (to be paid on January 1st) are currently:

  • € 40 for students (1)
  • € 70 for post-doctoral fellows (2)
  • € 90 for full members (3)
  • € 70 for retired members
  • € 410 for affiliate members

(1) PhD students are considered student members. A proof of student status is requested.

(2) A proof of post-doctoral status is requested.

(3) This category includes researchers, research professors, engineers and technicians.

Society membership is renewed by tacit agreement each year (calendar year). The member may at any time decide to cease to be a member by notifying the Society by e-mail.