Founded on May 4 1988, the French Neuroscience Society is a non-profit scientific association governed by the French Law of 1901.
 Its aim is to promote the development of research in all areas of neuroscience.
 It is made up of French and foreign members, divided into honorary, benefactor, full, post-doctoral and student members.

Its members work in all areas of neuroscience, from fundamental to clinical and applied research, in all public and private sectors, and of all nationalities.

Our missions

  • To promote neuroscience research in France and abroad
  • To maintain the coherence of brain research across disciplines
  • To organise meetings for the general public and strengthen interactions between researchers
  • Aider les jeunes chercheur·e·s, informe them, participate in their training
  • To take part in discussions and reflections on the roles of neuroscience research in society


  • We are member of:

Our values

Scientific rigor

The nature of our mission requires scientific, moral and professional rigor.


We choose to be transparent and honest with the general public and our partners.


We bring together research professionals who are experts in their fields.


We meet and inform the general public on the advances in neuroscience.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to evolve, inform and educate our members in order to build a more equitable community enriched by its diversity. We are signatory of the ALBA network charter.

Do not hesitate to contact us to propose improvments.

Some of our activities

NeuroFrance meeting

We organise meeting every year, including NeuroFrance in odd years, which attracts between 1,200 and 1,300 participants and 40 exhibitors.


The Brain Awareness Week

We coordinate every year the Brain Awareness Week in France. This event is an initiative of the Dana Foundation and is aimed at raising public awareness on the important of brain research.


La Lettre des Neurosciences

The Lettre des Neurosciences is an online journal published twice a year.

It covers the diversity of disciplines and traces the history of neuroscience.