Stand “Neuroscience in France”


The French Neuroscience Society, the ITMO Neurosciences, Cognitive Sciences, Neurology, Psychiatry, the GIS Autisme and TND, and the Mission for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the United States, are renewing the organization of the “Neuroscience in France” stand at the annual congress of American neuroscientists in Washington.

The booth aims to present the organization of French neuroscience research and funding opportunities. It also aims to raise awareness of the various French neuroscience research institutes and sites.

To encourage direct contact with the public, the stand will be manned by representatives of the various centers/institutes, who will be on hand to talk to anyone interested (registration required, subject to availability). In addition, information will be centralized on USB sticks, which will be handed out to visitors to the stand for easy access.

If you would like to take part in this event, and have your center/institute featured on the USB key, please send us the contribution form (€400) by October 2, 2023, together with your order form and a PDF presentation including the information, addresses and useful links you would like to see displayed.

Download the contribution form.

Please return this document, together with your order form and PDF presentation, to the secretariat of the French Neuroscience Society.

Only centers/institutes whose order forms reach the Society for Neuroscience secretariat by October 2 will be presented on the stand and USB key.

Download the organizers’ letter.