About us

The French Neuroscience Society

The French Neuroscience Society is a non-profit scientific association (loi 1901) which was founded on May 4, 1988. It gathers more than 2200 members.
Its aim is to promote research in all areas of neuroscience.
It is made up of French and foreign members who are honorary members, benefactors, tenured lecturers, Post-docs and students.

It is an association for French-speaking scientists

  • working in all fields of neuroscience, from basic to clinical and applied research,
  • from both private and public institutes,
  • from all nationalities.

In French-speaking countries the Society aims

  • to intensify interactions between scientists from different backgrounds and contribute to the organisation and development of neuroscience research in these countries.
  • to spread scientific knowledge, through education, training of young scientists, and information aimed at the general public.
  • to encourage support for neuroscience research from both government and private sources.

The Society contributes at an international level

The Society publishes

  • an electronic membership directory as well as a printable version updated each year.
  • a newsletter, La Lettre des Neurosciences, released twice a year, containing both information about the life of the Society and more general articles on subjects such as: job opportunities in neuroscience, neuroscience in different countries, training opportunities for young scientists…
  • a website, featuring administrative and scientific news, as well as a membership directory, job opportunities, recently published thesis in neuroscience, and an online access to the European Journal of Neuroscience (EJN).

The Society organises

  • the Brain Awareness Week in France (Semaine du Cerveau). This yearly event, created by Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives aims at showing the general public the new discoveries made in neuroscience.
  • the Alfred Fessard Lecture. Depending on years, the Alfred Fessard lecture takes place either during the biennial meeting of the Society or during thematic meetings.
  • its biennial meeting, NeuroFrance, which attracts between 1200 and 1300 participants.

The Society supports

  • student members and foreign young researchers by offering travel awards,
  • the local organizers of the Brain Awareness Week (call for tenders).

The Society allows

  • a free access to the EJN (European Journal of Neuroscience),
  • a special discount on registrations to the FENS Forum.