The site is public, any person, member or not of the French Neuroscience Society, from the private or public sector, can submit an offer. The offer can be related to the advertiser (offer of a thesis internship in one’s laboratory) or general (advertisement of a recruitment competition in a University, a major research institute). If the contact person is not personally concerned, clearly mention in the “Conditions” section to refer to the website indicated and mention in the “function” section: “see the website”.

Your job offer may be related to a specific expertise in neuroscience, or a broader expertise in biology or an even broader competence relative to the university training or technical knowledge of the candidate.
However, the offer must be in keeping with the purposes of the French Neuroscience Society concerning scientific competence, training and careers where these competences are relevant.
Please keep in mind that the French Neuroscience Society may reject a job offer, without any explanation, if the scope of the offer is irrelevant to the Society’s goals.

Each offer includes a number of fields to be filled in. To help you, first consult the proposal form which indicates all the headings to be filled in, or look at the announcements that have already been posted on our website.

The text may be in French or in English, whatever the language used in the forms.
Please prepare your submission in advance on a text editor of your choice; you will simply need to copy/paste each part to submit the form rapidly.

Please note:
– announcement: prepare it in 4 sections: proposal (nature), technical requirements for the project, qualifications of the candidate, terms and conditions; this will help the reader to understand your offer clearly.
– e-mail addresses and website: check carefully for error. An email address for contact is mandatory both for administrative and legal reasons. If there are no valid addresses, the offer will not be accepted.
– password: you will be required to set a password on submission of your offer, which will allow you to edit it when necessary. The password is confidential and you must keep it in a secure way; should you forget it, you will have to re-create it (in the login page for editing, link “forgotten password”). For security reasons, the French Neuroscience Society does not store your password in clear.

The password must contain 8 to 12 signs excluding spaces, with at least :
1 lower case latin character (a-z), 1 upper case character (A-Z), 1 digit (0-9)
and 1 of the following symbols # ? ! * & (other symbols are ignored).

The job offer service is open to the public, and the information you provide will be accessible to the public. Please avoid to insert any information that should be kept private. Submitting a job offer implies that you accept the terms and conditions of the French Neuroscience Society. The content of the offer is under the sole responsibility of the contact who is the only person to have the access codes to modify it. Under no circumstances shall the French Neuroscience Society be held responsible for the content of the offer or its use.

With your access codes (offer number and password) you may edit your offer as often as necessary. Should an e-mail address or a website address change, don’t forget to update the information on the website.

Your offer is posted on our website as soon as it has been approved by our service until the indicated deadline. Past the deadline, it is no longer published. You may modify the deadline at any time.
We recommend to change it as soon as the offer is no longer useful (eg. a candidature has been accepted). To do so, set the deadline to the date of the day, it will no longer be listed.

If you have any questions, please contact the secretariat.