Created on May 4, 1988, the Society for Neuroscience is a non-profit scientific association, governed by the law of 1901.
 Its purpose is to promote the development of research in all fields of neuroscience.
 It is composed of French and foreign members, divided between honorary members, benefactors, full members, post-doctoral fellows and students.

Its members work in all areas of neuroscience, from basic to clinical and applied research, in all public and private sectors, of all nationalities.


  • In French-speaking countries, the Society for Neuroscience aims to promote interactions between researchers from all horizons. It contributes to the animation and development of scientific activity, to the dissemination of scientific knowledge through education, training of young researchers and public information. It also promotes the support of neuroscience research by public and private sector institutions.
  •  It participates in international scientific life and in the influence of research carried out in French-speaking countries by associating itself with international scientific societies, Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO), and by carrying out joint actions with other thematic or national scientific associations, in Europe and in the world.
  • It participates in the dissemination of information to the general public, for example by organizing Brain Week in France.
  • It supports students and young researchers by offering them a number of financial supports and by organizing neuromentoring sessions.


Scientific rigor

The nature of our mission requires scientific, moral and professional rigor.


We choose to be transparent and honest with the general public and our partners.


We bring together research actors and actresses who are experts in their fields.


We go out to meet the public to inform them about the knowledge and advances in neuroscience.

Diversity et inclusion

The Society for Neuroscience strongly believes in the value of diversity in the profiles of people who create science. To promote better representation and inclusion of all its members – whether in terms of gender, origin, disability, or career level – the Society for Neuroscience, a signatory of the ALBA network charter, is committed to evolve, inform and educate its members to build a more equitable community enriched by its diversity.

In particular, we are working to ensure that events organized by, or in partnership with, the Society for Neuroscience respect these principles and provide a welcoming environment for all. We are also working to better include early career individuals in the life of the Society, to adopt gender-neutral communication, and to clarify the Society’s rules and procedures to make them transparent and accessible to all.

Please feel free to contact us to suggest improvements or join us in new initiatives.


NeuroFrance meeting

Every two years, the Society for Neuroscience organizes the NeuroFrance meeting, which gathers between 1200 and 1300 participants.

Thematic Days are organized during the years without NeuroFrance.



The Brain Awareness Week

The Society coordinate the Brain Awareness Week in France. This annual event, created by Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives is intended for the general public, to inform them of recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience.



The Neuroscience Letter

The Neuroscience letter is a semi-annual journal.

With summaries and dossiers on the latest research advances, this newsletter aims to raise the profile of French neuroscience.