Help brain research, young researchers, dissemination of knowledge to the public and the major societal challenges. Become a partner of the French Neuroscience Society!

Joining the French Neuroscience Society means supporting an association of researchers whose mission is not only to defend brain research, but also to share knowledge with the general public, to support young researchers and to participate in discussions on the place of neuroscience in society.

Our commitment

The French Neuroscience Society participates in an open and permanent dialogue with the general public. Its mission is to provide the public with accurate scientific information, based on the most recent discoveries, and reflecting the consensus – or terms of debate – within the scientific community. The public’s trust in academic researchers is important; the titles and affiliations of those involved in research are a guarantee and must be clearly stated.
The French Neuroscience Society ensures the scientific quality of the events in which it participates. It cannot be a partner in events that put forward unverified work and/or people who are not actual researchers.

The French Neuroscience Society is also committed to ensuring a better representation of the diversity of the research community. Partnership applications that do not meet this requirement will be rejected.

Two types of partnership

We can discuss:

  • either a permanent partnership to support all the activities of the French Neuroscience Society,
  • or “à la carte” partnership, to support an action particularly important to you.
    – sharing knowledge with the general public: Brain Awareness Week, a “General Public” webpage, etc.
    – an action in favour of young researchers: a PhD thesis prize, an event organized for them, etc.
    – reflections on the place of neuroscience in society: a national event on the subject, an educational event, etc.
    – support to great French researchers: honorary prize, prestigious conference, …

Your support will be mentioned and highlighted on our website and at major Society events. Your name can be associated with a particular support.

Please contact us to discuss the different types of support we can offer you.