XVI European Biological Rhythms Society Congress

XVI European Biological Rhythms Society Congress

This year’s congress will bring together the top chronobiologists and sleep experts from around the world. They will tell us all about their most recent findings and best scientific stories, and what to expect in the future, in chronobiology and chronomedicine. The topics will cover molecular biology, non-visual photobiology, chrononutrition, chronomolecules, metabolism, imaging, mathematical modelling, big data, machine learning, shift work, cancer… And more!

The meeting will also be a unique opportunity to share your ideas, benefit from exchanges and discussions with colleagues, and disseminate your own results on a worldwide stage. Trainees and early-career researchers will be offered a five-star Trainee Day with the best researchers in the field!


Where is this happening? In beautiful Lyon, France’s second city, an energetic metropolis and an ancient capital with a superb old town.


We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Lyon in August 2019!


Claude Gronfier, Congress Chair

Debra J. Skene, EBRS President

Yoshitaka Fukada, JSC President


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Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Domaine de la Buire – Site Laennec
7 rue Guillaume Paradin
69008 Lyon