Brain Research in Europe: Shaping FP9 and Delivering Innovation to the Benefit of Patients

Brain Research in Europe: Shaping FP9 and Delivering Innovation to the Benefit of Patients

On the 23rd-24th April, the European Brain Council will hold a two-day event at the University Foundation in Brussels. The two days will include three separate but complementary sessions on “FP9 and Missions”, “The Value of Innovation”, and “Brain Research: Shifting Gears and Going Global”.

Investments into research and innovation have delivered unprecedented results for patients across Europe. Publicly and privately funded innovation schemes in the EU empowered researchers to accelerate scientific discovery, increase the understanding of non-communicable diseases and improve healthcare services. Yet despite the progress that was achieved in recent decades, there is currently no effective treatment to cure a wide range of mental and neurological conditions. What is more, the complexity of many brain disorders hinders researchers in their efforts to develop innovative healthcare interventions.

In 2018, the European Commission is expected to submit proposals for a mission-oriented and impact-focused 9th Framework Programme. In view of the preparations for the forthcoming EU research scheme, the European Brain Council (EBC) aims to bring attention to issues that affect therapeutic innovation and facilitate an exchange of views on how the post-2020 Framework Programme can make a real difference for patients living with brain disorders.

The event will allow leading healthcare stakeholders and policymakers to address key questions in the domain of research, such as: how can the 9th Framework Programme accelerate brain research across Europe? What measures can be taken in order to stimulate the development of new central nervous system drugs for treating brain disorders? What can be done to address the concerns of patients?

23 April 2018, 14:30-18:00
FP9 & Missions

24 April 2018, 10:00-14:00
The Value of Innovation

European Brain Research: Shifting Gears and Going Global

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Additional information can be found on the EBC website.

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