Students awards – No call

In 2023, the French Neuroscience Society will offer PhD Thesis awards, of 1000 € each, for a PhD work performed in France.

Applicants must:

* be members of the French Neuroscience Society

* have defended their thesis between January 1st and December 31st, 2022

* have posted information related to their thesis on the website of the Society

The awardees will be requested to attend the NeuroFrance 2023 meeting, which will take place in Lyon, in May 2023, to receive their prize.

To be complete, the application must include:

– a cover letter (3 000 characters, spaces included) briefly describing the candidate’s profile and research accomplishments, the novelty and interest of his/her work for the field of neuroscience.

– a brief curriculum vitae (one page maximum, pdf format) including, information on education and a list of publications and/or communications at meetings.

– a description of the candidate’s research work and projects (PhD and post-doctorate), 3-4 pages maximum. It is essential to specify the personal contributions of the candidate to this work and publications.

– the thesis reports (Pdf format).

– the thesis (Pdf format)

Applications must be submitted online.

Click here to submit your application

Deadline for application: January 31, 2023