FENS Regional Meeting 2023 (FRM2023) – Call for Symposia

Organised by the Portuguese Society for Neuroscience, the FENS Regional Meeting 2023 will take place in person on 3-5 May 2023 in Algarve, Portugal.

Call for symposia

On behalf of the Organising Committee of the FRM2023 and the Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurociências (SPN, Portuguese Society for Neuroscience), we invite all members of FENS, members of associate societies and non-FENS members to submit proposals for scientific symposia.

Proposals should be submitted until 4 September 2022.

Take this opportunity to present your recent findings, get feedback from your peers and engage with the Neuroscience community.

Further information on the call for symposia


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Algarve, Portugal

Women in Neuroscience Symposium 2022

The Women in Neuroscience Symposium 2022, held virtually from 12-14 August 2022 in Georgia. This symposium will be held simultaneously with the Women’s Neuroscience Festival and supported by the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO).

We have considered some special facilities for national neuroscience associations; our center offers a 50% discount on the registration fees to all members of the Société des Neurosciences.

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Summer school: Advanced tools for data analysis in Neuroscience – 2022

Research discoveries are increasingly dependent on the development of new tools and technologies, as well as on the ability to process, manage and analyze the large amounts of data collected with these tools.

In this summer school, we will focus on several aspects of data preparation and analysis, as well as on the use of simulation and modeling tools capable of generating predictions. These tools will be applied to different data acquisition techniques such as electrophysiological recordings (e.g. EEG, intra or extracellular recordings) or image series from brain imaging (e.g. MRI).

Target audience:

Master and PhD students from the University of Strasbourg and other French and foreign universities are welcome to apply.

Priority will be given to students enrolled in a basic or medical neuroscience program, but students from other specialties will be able to participate as long as places are available.

There is no registration fee.

During the school (Sep. 5-10th), accomodation (but not travel) during the school (but not pre-school) will be offered to non-Strasbourg students. Accomodation expenses during the pre-school and travel for the entire event are to be borne with own fundings.

Students are encouraged to come with their own dataset.

How to apply:

1 – Send an email to philippe.isope@inci-cnrs.unistra.fr to express your intention to apply

2 – When ready, send your CV and a letter of recommendation to philippe.isope@inci-cnrs.unistra.fr

Full application deadline: May 15,2022.


Lecturers involved:

Demian Battaglia (LNCA,CNRS,Université de Strasbourg)
Samuel Garcia (CRNL, CNRS, Université de Lyon)
Romain Goutagny (LNCA,CNRS,Université de Strasbourg)
Axel Hutt (MIMESIS,INRIA, Université de Strasbourg)
Philippe Isope (INCI, CNRS,Université de Strasbourg)
Arvind Kumar (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)
Christophe Pouzat (IRMA, CNRS, Université de Strasbourg)

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9- 6 PM


Université de Strasbourg, France

Public cible

Master and PhD students from the University of Strasbourg and other French and foreign universities are welcome to apply.

Moyens de paiement

Free registration

10th Anniversary Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone – A decade’s Perspective on Integrative Neuroscience

This 5th edition of the international conference of the Institute de Neurosciences de la Timone also marks the 10th anniversary of the INT.

The conference program illustrates the scientific approach pursued since 2012. First, our goal was to promote scientific exchanges between the different levels of approach to the nervous system, from the molecule to behavior, in animals and in humans. Second, our strategy was to put at the heart of these cross-fertilization the functional role of large and small networks, in order to better understand the relationships between the brain and cognition. Finally, our ambition was to put these relationships, with their diversity and variability, into a physiological perspective in order to always remember that neurons do not function alone, that the brain is best understood as being part of an organism and that behavior is always a part of a natural repertoire. These three pillars are at the core of our basic research projects but also our clinical research, as the pathologies of the nervous system keep challenging each of our a priori ideas about how the brain works. The four sessions of the Conference illustrate these different questionings.

Registrations are opened at https://xint.sciencesconf.org

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Campus de la Timone Marseille

Public cible

Neuroscience community


En partenariat avec le GIS Autisme et troubles du Neuro-developpement, l’ITMO NNP offre une opportunité unique aux jeunes cliniciens ou chercheurs de s’immerger dans le monde de la recherche translationnelle en Neurosciences.
Cette école est ouverte aux chercheurs récemment recrutés (depuis 2020) dans l’un des organismes de recherche membres d’Aviesan (Inserm, CNRS, Université, etc…), ainsi qu’aux internes et chefs de clinique de spécialités en relation avec le cerveau/système nerveux (neurologie, psychiatrie, …).

Les frais de transport et d’hébergement seront pris en charge par l’ITMO NNP.

Voir le programme.
Retrouvez les détails et le dossier de candidature sur le site de l’ITMO NNP.

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Château de Suduiraut
33210 Preignac

Conférence Jacques Monod – Protein phase transitions in ageing and age-related diseases: from atomic resolution to cellular solutions

Cells and organisms maintain protein homeostasis in several cooperating ways, which include protein folding, degradation, and sequestration. During aging, the capacity to maintain protein homeostasis declines, which leads to the accumulation of aggregation-prone proteins. These aggregation-prone proteins can accelerate aging and cause age-related diseases like Parkinson’s disease, tauopathies, Alzheimer’s, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. How they do so is still not fully understood. Understanding the underlying mechanisms will be important for the development of therapeutic strategies. Recent groundbreaking discoveries have revealed new aspects of protein homeostatic and pathological mechanisms. These include the phenomena of protein phase transitions in membrane-less organelles and the existence of amyloid polymorphisms that are associated with protein toxicity. These phenomena are shared by a range of stress and age-related conditions. This Jacques Monod meeting will highlight these phenomenon, including the biological mechanisms and structural features involved. New findings will be presented by scientists that pioneered the research in these areas. Regulation of both physiological and disease-related transitions will be addressed as well as perspectives on biomedical applications.

The meeting will bring together leading experts in the fields of structural biology, cell biology, physiology and medical biology. It aims to foster exchange of knowledge across these fields and to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration to further advance the filed.

Registration request and abstract submission deadline: JUNE 13th 2022 (might be postponed)

More information here:

Protein phase transitions in ageing and age-related diseases: from atomic resolution to cellular solutions | INSB (cnrs.fr)

Les changements de phase des protéines au cours du vieillissement et des maladies associées au vieillissement:de la structure atomique aux solutions cellulaires – Sciencesconf.org


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Station biologique de Roscoff, Place Georges Teissier, Roscoff (Bretagne), France

Moyens de paiement

Registration fee (including board and lodging)

470 € for PhD students
760 € for other participants

8th European Synapse Meeting – Coimbra 2022

The 8th European Synapse Meeting, which will be held in Coimbra on the 20th and 21st of October 2022.

The aim of this meeting is to bring together junior and senior neuroscientists working on synapses and to provide a forum for new directions and ideas in studying synapses in the healthy and diseased brain. The meeting welcomes participation from all scientists within and outside the EU and will combine research lectures by leading neuroscientists, selected talks and poster presentations.

The program will provide multiple opportunities for interaction, during the poster sessions, lunch time and coffee breaks, providing an opportunity for disseminating the latest advances and for cross-disciplinary discussion and collaboration. The meeting will be held at the São Francisco Convention Center in Coimbra, a unique setting that combines history and the best of the Portuguese architecture, and which will certainly contribute to inspire your future research and foster partnerships to address novel and challenging questions.

We look forward to welcoming you in Coimbra for an exciting meeting!

Further information : https://esm-coimbra2022.cnc.uc.pt/

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Convention Center
Coimbra, Portugal

International Congress for FrontoTemporal Dementias

The city of Lille is pleased to host the 12th biennial congress of the ISFTD from November 2 to 5, 2022 in Lille Grand Palais after having been held in the cities of Syndey, Munich or Vancouver.

This congress, preceded by a symposium at the Paris Brain Institute, will be an opportunity to bring together clinicians, researchers, psychologists, nurses and students to advance the understanding of frontotemporal dementia.

This event will also be an opportunity for caregivers to meet on Friday, November 4th, for a day dedicated to them in parallel with the medical-scientific sessions.

For more information, please visit our website.

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From 8am to 7pm


November 2: Paris Brain Institute
November 3 to 5: Lille Grand Palais

Public cible

Doctors, researchers, psychologists, nurses, students, caregivers

Moyens de paiement

Different fees are offered depending on student status, membership in the ISFTD learned society and the choice of attending the conference in person or remotely. For more information, please visit our website.

Le Congrès du Sommeil





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Palais des Congrès, Lille