Symposium Ion Channels and Channnelopathies

Symposium Ion Channels and Channnelopathies

9:00 Reception
9:20 Introduction Massimo Mantegazza (IPMC)
9:30 William Catterall (University of Washington, Seattle, USA) Sodium channelopathies in epileptic encephalopathies.
10:10 Holger Lerche (Tubingen, Germany) Mutations and variants of ion channels in monogenic and polygenic epilepsies.

10:40 Coffee Break

11:00 Massimo Mantegazza (IPMC) Differential mechanisms of Epilepsy and Migraine Caused by mutations of sodium channels.
11:20 Martin Krupa (UNS-UCA, Nice, France) Modeling/mathematical analysis of pathological mechanisms of sodium channels’ migraine mutations.
11:40 Pietro Baldelli/Fabio Benfenati (IIT & Univ. Genoa, Italy) Synaptic-axonal crosstalk: PRRT2-Nav pathologies.
12:10 Ana Rita Pereira (IPMC) A two-hit story: seizures and genetic mutation interaction sets phenotype severity in SCN1A/NaV1.1 epilepsies (young speaker).
12:25 General discussion

12:35 Lunch (13:30 Live demo from Nanion)

14:00 William Catterall (University of Washington, Seattle, USA) Defects of protein structure in channelopathies.
14:40 Michael Pusch (CNR, Genoa, Italy) Regulation of volume-sensitive anion LRRC8 channels by oxidation.
15:10 Eric Lingueglia (IPMC) ASIC channels in pain diseases.
15:30 Bruno Cessac (INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France) Ion channels and properties of large neuronal networks: a computational study of retinal waves during development.

15:50 Coffee Break

16:10 Philippe Lory (IGF, Montpellier, France) Calcium channels’ dysfunctions in ataxia and epilepsy.
16:40 Florian Lesage (IPMC) Pathophysiology of two-pore domain potassium channels.
17:00 Guillaume Sandoz (IBV, Nice, France) Two-pore domain potassium channels in migraine.
17:20 Marc Borsotto (IPMC) Modulation of Trek1 channels by the peptide spadine: novel therapeutic strategies in pathologies of the nervous system.
17:40 Young Speaker (to be announced) (IPMC)
17:55 General discussion

18:10 End of the symposium


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Institute of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology (IPMC)
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