FENS Forum 2022 Satellite Symposium in Lille, France

FENS Forum 2022 Satellite Symposium in Lille, France

Lifelong effects of early life experiences on brain and behavior

It has been known for more than a century that the early life is a source of adult psychopathologies. However, the mechanisms underlying the enduring impact of early life experiences (such as nutrition, stress, and hormonal prenatal imbalances) on neurodevelopmental disorders still remain largely unknown. This satellite event will give an overview of our current knowledge on the neurodevelopmental, molecular, and epigenetic substrates mediating the effects of perinatal insults on neurobiological and behavioral outcomes ranging from metabolic and reproductive disorders to autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

Registration fees include participation to the whole satellite event, coffee breaks, lunch
To register, please fill the registration form and send it to Sébastien Bouret and send registration fees via the following secured link.

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LILLIAD Learning center Innovation
University of Lille
59000 Lille

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Scientist, undergraduate and graduate students, postdoc