6th Motivation and Cognitive Control (MCC) Symposium

6th Motivation and Cognitive Control (MCC) Symposium

Humans often engage in a complex repertoire of behaviors geared towards far removed goals. We must override reflexive and habitual reactions in order to orchestrate behavior in accordance with our intentions. This overriding of automatic response tendencies can be implemented via cognitive and motivational systems. Importantly, a number of neurological and psychiatric disorders are characterized specifically by a breakdown in these mechanisms. Accordingly, a wide range of researchers around the world and in a number of different fields are concerned with understanding the neural mechanisms underlying motivational and cognitive control.

This meeting will be the 6th in a series of highly successful meetings that began with a meeting in Jena organized by Michael Coles and Wolfgang Miltner in 2000 and continued with meetings in Dortmund (Michael Falkenstein and Markus Ullsperger), Amsterdam (Sander Nieuwenhuis, Rogier Mars and Richard Ridderinkhof) and Oxford (Rogier Mars, Jérôme Sallet, MaryAnn Noonan) and Paris (Sebastien Bouret, Mark Laubach, Jerome Sallet).
The goal of the present one is to bring together researchers from a wider range of research backgrounds. Therefore we aim to gather experimental psychologists, neurophysiologists, neurobiologists, and computational neuroscientists, who will discuss both their latest research results and their research techniques. Bringing together this diverse group of researchers will allow them to gain a better understanding of each other’s, and subsequently their own work. Previous meetings have shown that this format can lead to highly productive collaborations.

Travel Awards

A limited number of Travel Awards for students are available. To be considered for a Travel Award, you must be a student and submit a Poster Abstract including a short (max 100 words) statement of the significance of the research (by 30th June).

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University of St Andrews, Scotland