3rd Eurogenesis Meeting

3rd Eurogenesis Meeting

EUROGENESIS 3rd Conference will end the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of adult neurogenesis discovery by gathering worldwide leaders of this exciting field . The findings of neural stem cells in the adult mammalian central nervous system changed our perception of brain plasticity and function. For five decades, research on adult neurogenesis and neural stem cells has therefore been leading to an ever expanding field of discoveries that have influenced many domains of neuroscience and developmental biology.

Hosted in the historic heart of Bordeaux, the full of light and bewitching capital of wine, EUROGENESIS 3rd conference will cover several aspects of adult neurogenesis function and its related pathologies. It aims to highlight the benefits of interdisciplinary research for gathering innovative knowledge in adult neural stem cells biology, and will promote new opportunities for cross-border disciplines interactions.


Local organization: Nora Abrous – Sophie Tronel – Florence Béranger

For further information, please visit the conference website

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Université de Bordeaux
Pôle juridique et judiciaire
35 Place Pey Berland
33000 Bordeaux