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NeuroFrance 2019

International meeting

NeuroJobs workshop

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019 afternoon

Location: Salle des Voûtes
Saint-Charles Campus, Marseille

Audience: Students and young
researchers in neuroscience

Instructors : Experts
from Adoc Talent Management


Would you like to take advantage of NeuroFrance 2019 to cultivate your network and circulate your CV? Then come with a dream CV and be ready for an impromptu interview! On the eve of the meeting, NeuroSchool (nEURo*AMU) offers you a free workshop to showcase your skills, both in writing and orally. NeuroSchool (nEURo*AMU) is a graduate school dedicated to students in Neuroscience of Marseille and is committed to supporting and opening students to the professional world.

  1. -Workshops for writing/correcting CVs, LinkedIn profiles and cover letters
  2. Experts will carefully review CVs written in French or English and offer personalized support to optimize your CV.
  3. - Job interview simulations
  4. A simulation to learn more about the expectations of companies and your ability to understand this crucial exercise.
  5. - Professional photos
  6. A photographer will take professional photos, now essential on your CV and professional online profiles, or for announcing your participation in a scientific event.

Registration is free but compulsory: register



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