A – General

The NeuroFrance 2023 scientific program consists in 42 symposia.

Symposia selection is based on the following criteria: novelty, interest for a broad audience, quality of the speakers. Gender balance and variety of career stages are also taken into account.

Symposia may focus on:

  • A theme of general interest to a discipline group.
  • A transversal topic interesting a broader audience and several disciplines.
  • A methodology or an emerging technique.
  • A topic of a club affiliated to the French Neuroscience Society, a GDR(i), an educational program.
  • A specific theme sponsored by, or organized with, a partner (other French or foreign scientific society, a private company).

Proposals whose topic has already been presented at the previous meeting of the French Neuroscience Society will not be considered, unless they focus on new scientific aspects (to be justified in the symposium description).


All symposia have a total duration of 2 hours.

A regular symposium includes:

  • A short introduction by the symposium chairperson (5 minutes)
  • 4 scientific presentations of 25 minutes each (including questions) given by the speakers or 3 presentations and a roundtable discussion.
  • 15 minutes devoted to 1 young researcher presentation selected among the abstracts submitted between October and end of December 2022. The symposium chairpersons participate in the final selection of this additional talk.

Sponsored symposia and special symposia organized by clubs, GDR(I) or educational programs have a free format (but cannot last more than 2 hours in total).



  • A symposium chairperson at the 2021 meeting cannot chair a symposium in 2023,
  • A speaker at the 2021 meeting cannot be a speaker at the 2023 meeting,
  • Members of the Local Organizing Committee can be speakers at NeuroFrance 2023 (unless they were already speakers in 2021)
  • The President and Vice-Presidents of the Local Organizing Committee cannot participate in the NeuroFrance 2023 programme,
  • Members of the Scientific Committee can neither be chairperson nor speaker in a symposium at NeuroFrance 2023,
  • A person can only participate in a single session at NeuroFrance 2023,
  • A symposium can be chaired by one or two people. Chairpersons may also be speakers.

To find names of chairpersons or speakers of the previous meeting, check the 2021 program using the search option.

Recommendations for speakers

As far as possible, gender balance should be respected.

Symposium speakers must belong to different laboratories. The geographic diversity of the participants will be taken into account.

It may be interesting to involve speakers working abroad. The French Neuroscience Society nevertheless recommends having at least two speakers working in France.

Joint symposia with BNA, Canadian and Mexican Societies of Neuroscience might be proposed, with two speakers from the French society and two speakers either from Great-Britain, Canada or Mexico.


Proposed symposium speakers must have given their consent for their participation if selected. Their agreement is an engagement to participate if the proposal is selected (see the Agreement section). 
A researcher may be included in several proposals, but if accepted, he/she is only allowed to participate in one symposium.



Symposium proposals must be submitted in English and speakers will give their presentations in English at the meeting.

The description shall:

  • Define the objective and the scientific content of the proposed symposium, and the topics (domains) related to it.
  • Justify the choice of the participants and their scientific quality.
  • Present the innovative and scientific interest in an international research context.
  • Explain the chosen format (number of speakers, roundtable…)

The form to be completed for each participant (chairpersons and speakers) is presented at the end of these guidelines. Incomplete proposals will not be considered by the Scientific Committee.

Submit and edit a proposal

All proposals must be submitted online from 17 January to 1st April 2022 (included).

The corresponding chairperson is in charge of all correspondence with the French Neuroscience Society. There is only one corresponding chairperson even if there are two chairpersons for the symposium.
At the end of the submission, the chairperson receives a proposal number and access code to edit, modify or even withdraw the proposal until the submission deadline (option « View / Edit » on « submit a proposal »). No modifications will be accepted after deadline. 
A receipt without the access code is sent to the other participants, giving them the possibility to view the proposal but not to edit it.

Note: Access codes must be used by the chairperson only. The French Neuroscience Society declines all responsibility in case these codes are given away or misused.



January 17, 2022: Call for symposium proposals opens

April 1st, 2022: Call for symposium proposals closes

Mid-May 2022: Symposia selection

June 2022: Program announcement

October 2022 till the meeting: Registration open

October to December 2022: Abstract submission with the possibility to apply for a short presentation in a symposium

October 2022 to February 2023: Abstract submission for poster presentation only

January-February 2023: selection of additional short presentations by the Scientific committee, in agreement with the symposia chairpersons.


The French Neuroscience Society does NOT cover registration fees nor travel / living expenses of symposium chairpersons and speakers working in France. However, the Society has chosen to promote the participation of foreign speakers and young researchers through incentive actions:

  • Free registration for all speakers working abroad.
  • Assignment of a number of travel grants to student members to attend the meeting
  • Preferential registration fees for student and post-doc members.

Symposium organizers are encouraged to seek sources of funding if they wish to directly support the expenses of their speakers. If you submit a proposal, make sure all your partners are aware of these conditions.


By submitting a proposal, the applicant acknowledges having read and accepted the following conditions:

Regarding funding

See above.

Regarding participation

  • The proposal must comply with the ethical rules for scientific research in general, and especially for human and animal research.
  • The Scientific Committee will not take into account incomplete proposals or proposals involving the participation of ineligible persons (see section « Choice of chairpersons and speakers »).
  • Each proposed participant has agreed to the proposal and is committed to participate to the meeting if accepted. Therefore, speakers accept the conditions of participation as defined by the French Neuroscience Society.
  • The Scientific Committee may require modifications regarding the speakers or subjects before final acceptance of the proposal.
  • The Scientific Committee may reject any change to a proposal once it has been accepted, and reserves the right to reject any proposal that would no longer correspond to the approved proposal. Any change must receive the consent of the Scientific Committee.
  • The chairpersons are solely responsible for the content of their symposium proposal.


List of information necessary to complete the forms:

Description page

Use the drop-down menu to specify if the symposium is proposed by:

  • an individual researcher and colleagues
  • a club affiliated to the French Neuroscience Society, GDR(I) or educational program
  • a learned society

Symposium title: <100 characters, including spaces. In English. Do not use abbreviations.

Brief description: < 500 characters, including spaces. In English.

Objectives: interest, timeliness and novelty, choice of participants, format (justify your choice if you wish to add a roundtable at the end of the session): < 1700 characters including spaces. In English.

Topics (domains): use the drop-down menu to select a topic (maximum of two):

  • Development, synaptic plasticity
  • Signaling, cellular communications
  • Neurological and psychiatric diseases, experimental therapeutics
  • Integrative neuroscience, sensory physiology
  • Neuroendocrinology, neuroimmunology
  • Behaviour, emotions, cognition, neuroethology
  • Theoretical and computational neuroscience

Chairpersons and speakers pages

Family (last) name: 
First (given) name and initials: 
Ms/Mr/ Non binary / Rather not say
Title: Dr, Prof 
Status: PhD student – junior scientist (aged <45) – senior scientist 
Neuroscience society membership (select among list)
Institution 1 (university, center, etc.): 
Institution 2 (continued): 
Institution 3 (continued): 
Postal code (when preceding the city): 
Zip / Postal code (when following the city): 
Email address (mandatory): 
Publications (maximum 3):

For speakers only

Presentation title: < 100 characters. In English. Do not use abbreviations.


Members of the Scientific Committee and the Local Organizing Committee for NeuroFrance 2023.

Scientific program of the 2021 meeting