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International meeting

Poster sessions


Poster sessions run from 10:00 to 11:00 and from 13:00 to 17:30 everyday in the exhibition area and salle des Goudes,
1st floor.

However, a one hour time block is dedicated to discussion with the authors:
- from 10:00 to 11:00 for even-numbered posters
- from 14:30 to 15:30 for odd-numbered posters

Themes Wed. 22 May Thurs. 23 May Fri. 24 May
Development, synaptic plasticity P1.001 to 1.027 P2.001 to 2.026 P3.001 to 3.026
Signalisation, cellular communications P1.028 to 1.050 P2.028 to 2.050 P3.028 to 3.049
Neurological and psychiatric diseases, experimental therapeutics P1.051 to 1.100 P2.051 to 2.100 P3.051 to 3.099
Integrative neuroscience, sensory physiology P1.101 to 1.124 P2.101 to 2.124 P3.101 to 3.124
Neuroendocrinology, neuroimmunology P1.125 to 1.133 P2.125 to 2.133 P3.125 to 3.132
Behaviour, emotions, cognition, neuroethology P1.134 to 1.169 P2.134 to 2.169 P3.134 to 3.169
Theoretical and computational neuroscience P1.170 to 1.175 P2.170 to 2.175 P3.170 to 3.175


 Download the poster abstracts (PDF format 4 Mo)

 See also the session planner

The last three digits of the poster number refer to the poster board number.
Posters can be hung in the morning of the day of presentation before 9:00. Presenting authors will find all the material to hang their poster onsite. Posters must be removed on the same day by the end of the day. Remaining posters will be removed by our staff and stored at the registration desk until Friday, 24 May at 17:30. Posters which have not been picked-up by then will be destroyed.
The Poster Help Desk is at the authors’ disposal at the entrance of salle des Goudes in the exhibition area on level 1.

Poster size:
Landscape format!
180 cm (width) et 94 cm (height) maximum.




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