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NeuroFrance 2019

International meeting

Public conference


Date: Tuesday, 21 May 2019, 18:30

Salle de conférence, BMVR de l'Alcazar
58 Cours Belsunce
13001 Marseille

How does epilepsy cause unconsciousness?

Consciousness is one of the most mysterious functions of the brain. Many brain diseases, most notably epilepsy, can alter consciousness. But what forms of consciousness are affected and by what mechanisms?

During this conference, Professor Fabrice Bartolomei (Neurologist, Professor of Physiology) will discuss the different forms of consciousness studied in neuroscience. Using the model of focal epilepsy seizures, he will show how we can better understand the impact of these diseases on brain consciousness mechanisms and what new treatment options are possible.

(the conference will be held in French)




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