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NeuroFrance 2019

International meeting

« L'Art en tête »

Date: 22-24 May
Location: 2nd floor of the Congress center


NeuroSchool (nEURo*AMU), Aix-Marseille University graduate school in neuroscience, has set up NeuroArt Labs, bringing together artists and scientists who share a common passion for research. From these encounters between two worlds, five original works have emerged that will be presented in preview during the meeting.

This art exhibition, located on the 2nd floor of the Congress center, will feature the following works:

    - The neurons’ song: Mehdi Sicre and Romain Lanteaume play the crackling of neurons to which they associated notes, creating an original melody.
    - One face: Nicolas Clauss and Charles Dabard propose a visual illusion based on speed. They play at deceiving our brains, which create a unique face when our eyes see two different ones.
    - Bright thoughts: Jesús Tamez-Duque and his team transform our thoughts into lights. In this installation, voltage measurement in the brain is translated into LED flashing.
    - Living light: Nadia Merad Coliac offers a bioluminescent brain sculpture. Light is produced by bacteria, from the grenadier fish, living between 2000 and 6000 meters deep.
    - In the artist's mind: Yannick Becker immerses the visitor in the world of medical imaging. MRI sounds and images are transformed into electronic music.

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