Fresh look on Brain Inhibition – Meeting

Fresh look on Brain Inhibition – Meeting

The 3rd International Neuroscience conference will be held in Marseille on April 5th and 6th 2020.

This year, the subject will be inhibition. This is a major issue since synaptic or intrinsic inhibition defects are at the root of neurological diseases such as epilepsy but also psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia. In addition, inhibitory circuits orchestrate neural activity under physiological conditions and are therefore at the origin of most major brain functions.

A panel of 18 local, national (Paris, Saclay) and international (USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany) experts in the field of synaptic and intrinsic inhibition was selected to present their latest results:

Maria Cécilia ANGULO (IPNP, Paris)
Alberto BACCI (ICM, Paris)
Heinz BECK (IEECR, Bonn)
Romain BRETTE (Institut de la Vision, Paris)
Patrick CHAUVEL (Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland)
Harold CREMER (IBDM, Marseille)
Kevin DA SILVA (Chief editor, Nature Neuroscience)
Alain DESTEXHE (UNIC, Saclay)
Oussama EL FAR (UNIS, Marseille)
Monique ESCLAPEZ (INS, Marseille)
Dan FELDMAN (UC Berkeley)
Gordon FISHELL (Harvard)
Sonja HOFER (UCL, London)
Anthony HOLTMAAT (UNIGE, Geneva)
Hannah MONYER ( IZN, Heidelberg)
Ivan SOLTESZ (University of Standford)
Nelson SPRUSTON (Janelia Res. Campus, Ashburn)
Gabor TAMAS (University of Szeged)

And this year again, the meeting will take place in a unique venue, the prestigious Hôtel Intercontinental Hôtel Dieu in Marseille, which provides this event with exceptional working conditions, concentration and exchanges.


Registration is now open, until March 27th 2020. Participants are invited to submit a poster.

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