7th Mediterranean Neuroscience conference

7th Mediterranean Neuroscience conference


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The 7th Mediterranean Neuroscience conference will be held in Marrakech, Morocco from 23 to 27 June 2019.

The confirmed keynote lectures will be:

  • Hagai Bergman (Israel): Computational physiology of the basal ganglia, theory and practice
  • Khalid El Allali (Morocco): Neurobiology of adaptations to the desert biotope, Lessons from camel and goat studies
  • Agnès Gruart (Spain): Learning and memory in behaving mammals
  • Yasmin Hurd (USA): A new dawn in cannabinoid neurobiology, the road from molecules to therapeutic discoveries
  • Vincent Prévot (France): When the hypothalamus says NO, a role for nitric oxide in fertility, olfaction and cognition
  • Giorgio Racagni (Italy): Innovative aspects in the mechanism of action of antipsychotic drugs
  • Carmen Sandi (Switzerland): Brain mitochondria in anxiety and stress-coping behaviors

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Marrakech, Maroc