Société des Neurosciences

Student awards – FENS Forum

The French Neuroscience Society will be awarding a few travel grants of 500 € each to cover travel and living expenses to its student members wishing to attend the FENS Forum 2018 in Berlin, July 7-11, 2018.


The applicant should be:

  • a student member of the French Neuroscience Society,
  • first author of an abstract to be presented at the Forum,
  • working in a French laboratory,
  • a PhD student in his third/fourth year of research doctorate,
  • representing his/her team (one application per team only).


  • CV
  • Copy of the abstract submitted for the FENS Forum
  • Recommendation letter

Please note that candidates may apply to several societies but may not obtain several prizes or travel grants.
Prizes will be given after the Forum on receipt of a certificate of attendance.

Applications must be submitted online.

The deadline for application is February 13, 2018.