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Epigenetics, Brain and Behavior.

Centre Auditorium Paris Centre Marceau 12 Avenue Marceau 75008 Paris.
Paris, France
18 Avril 2011

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Sonia Le Cornec
65, quai Georges Gorse
92650 Boulogne Billancourt cedex – France.
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Neurons are submitted to an exceptional variety of stimuli and are able to convert these into high order functions, such as storing memories, controlling behavior, and governing consciousness. These unique properties are based on the highly fl exible nature of neurons, a characteristic that is commonly thought to rely on the complex molecular machinery that controls gene expression. What lies at the heart of neuronal plasticity? Accumulating evidence points to epigenetics. This word originally indicated potentially heritable modifi cations in gene expression that do not involve changes in DNA sequence. Today this defi nition is much less strict, and epigenetic control is thought to include DNA methylation, histone modifi cations,
histone variants, microRNA metabolic pathways and non-histone proteins modifi cations. Thus, while neuronal plasticity is rightly thought to be intimately associated to genomic control, it is critical to appreciate that there is much more to the genome than DNA sequence, permitting variability beyond the
Watson-Crick double helix. The multitude of epigenetic mechanisms operating in all cells, but specifi cally in neurons, begs the question of how these may be coordinated.
In this Fondation IPSEN meeting a group of renowned investigators will discuss the molecular, cellular and physiological implications of epigenetic regulation in the control of neuronal functions. This is a very timely conference. Indeed, recent years have seen spectacular advances in the fi eld of epigenetics. These
have attracted the interest of researchers in many fi elds and evidence connecting epigenetic regulation to brain functions has been accumulating. Neurons daily convert a variety of external stimuli into rapid or long-lasting changes in gene expression. A variety of studies have centered on the molecular mechanisms implicated in epigenetic control and how these may operate in concert. It will be critical to unravel how city is achieved. Importantly, specific modifications seem to mediate both developmental processes and adult brain functions, such as synaptic plasticity and memory.
The focus of this meeting will be on critical epigenetic regulation and chromatin remodeling events that occurs in the nervous system and on the presumed mechanisms that operate within neurons to translate them into long-lasting neuronal responses. The challenging goal is to reach suffi cient understanding of these epigenetic pathways in the brain so that they may be useful for future development of specific pharmacological strategies.

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